Scott Latta – Scott aka, The Freak in softball circles, joined the Live Stream STL team in December of 2018. When Scott isn’t calling basketball or softball games for Live Stream STL, he most likely will be found on a softball field somewhere. He has been involved with his own podcast since 2016 and has appeared in other local podcast shows talking about baseball, softball, football, hockey, youth sports, sports entertainment, and just about anything that can be a talking point.

Scott was able to align with Live Stream STL in its infancy as Ray Halbrook and Co used the Sports Stalkers Podcast as a testing ground for camera setups, special effects, and post production editing. “Things in life happen for a reason. I was able to meet and forge a friendship with Ray during my time with the Sports Stalkers Podcast. When the podcast abruptly ended that door closed but through the exhaustive efforts of Ray and his family, a new door soon opened. Based on Ray’s first-hand experience with the podcast, he knew I was passionate about a variety of sports and approached me to call play-by-play some high school basketball games.”

“Doing my best to mimic local sportscasters but still flavor the output as my own, I gained such a deep appreciation for the Live Stream STL experience. I enjoy seeing local athletes and coaches, plus their respective programs, getting the exposure that livestreaming offers, It’s incredibly rewarding. Over the course of time, we get to see our local athletes develop, achieve, and move on in their lives. These games, for everyone to view and share, create memories and snapshots in time. It makes me feel humbled and proud to be part of the Live Stream STL team and product.”

Scott currently resides in Oakville and is patiently waiting for his next softball contest.

Scott “The Freak” Latta

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