We are 3/4ths through the high school basketball season in Jefferson County, a Covid-era achievement made possible by the tireless work of coaches, players, families, and administrators. I thought it would be a good time to take a deep dive into the numbers to see which players are making big impacts for their team on both ends of the floor. You’ll find some names on these lists that you are used to hearing over the past few years. You’ll also find some new names that might surprise you!

The statistical data comes from STL High School Sports, using numbers supplied directly by the schools by 11:59PM on 1/25/21. County leaders are ranked by per-game average or percentage. My summary is below the data table. Let’s first take a look at the boys:

 Boys Leaders   
 Scoring Leaders   
1Donovan Tullock, Crystal City28521.9 
2Sonny Amabile, Windsor30021.4 
3Chase Wilson, Grandview24118.5 
4Josh Herget, Seckman19517.7 
5Aidan Blair, De Soto24616.4 
 3-Point Leaders   
1Chase Wilson, Grandview372.85 
2Sonny Amabile, Windsor372.64 
3Drew Breeze, Jefferson322.13 
4Brendan Moss, Fox222.00 
5Zach Whaley, Hillsboro342.00 
 Free throw leaders   
1Trey Davis, Northwest526185.2
2Arhmad Branch, Festus486277.4
3Sonny Amabile, Windsor759975.8
4Josh Herget, Seckman354774.5
5Myles Richardson, Fox375468.5
 Assist leaders   
1Arhmad Branch, Festus905.29 
2Nate White, Seckman524.73 
3Trey Davis, Northwest634.20 
4Collin Reando, Festus684.00 
5Myles Richardson, Fox444.00 
 Steal Leaders   
1Aidan Blair, De Soto634.20 
2Arhmad Branch, Festus613.59 
3Colby Ott, Jefferson533.53 
4Collin Reando, Festus492.88 
5Sonny Amabile, Windsor392.79 
 Rebound Leaders   
1Zander Parson, St. Pius X889.8 
2David Creath, Grandview1058.8 
3Collin Reando, Festus1468.6 
4Luke Pisoni, Fox1097.8 
5Logan Chaney, Windsor1037.4 
 Blocked Shot Leaders   
1Jordan Mertens, De Soto694.60 
2Dallin Fuller, Herculaneum252.50 
3Logan Anderson, Crystal City251.92 
4Tanner Wiese, Herculaneum141.40 
5JD Mcdowell, Festus211.24 
 And now, the girls:    

Girls Leaders   
 Scoring Leaders   
1Josie Allen, Festus17017.0 
2AJ Agers, St. Pius X14315.9 
3Minea Dervisevic, Fox19314.8 
4Paige Fowler, Herculaneum23314.6 
 3-Point Leaders   
1Minea Dervisevic, Fox352.69 
2AJ Agers, St. Pius X242.67 
3Payton Baker, St. Pius X221.47 
 Free Throw Leaders   
1Minea Dervisevic, Fox324768.1
2Payton Baker, St. Pius X314766.0
3Paige Fowler, Herculaneum619564.2
4Catryn Cattoor, Jefferson507864.1
 Assist Leaders   
1Paige Fowler, Herculaneum644.00 
2Kaylee Hilton, Hillsboro303.33 
3Riley Cappozzo, St. Pius X473.13 
4Josie Allen, Festus292.90 
 Steal Leaders   
1Riley Cappozzo, St. Pius X664.40 
2Taylor Jones, De Soto624.13 
3Laney Smith, Jefferson694.06 
4AJ Agers, St. Pius X364.00 
5Colleen Flanagan, St. Pius X563.73 
 Rebound Leaders   
1Kamryn Pehle, De Soto17611.7 
2Anna Belle Wakeland, Grandview14610.4 
3Kate Eisenbies, Crystal City1059.5 
4Josie Allen, Festus919.1 
5Kaylee Hilton, Hillsboro819.0 
 Blocked Shot Leaders   
1Anna Belle Wakeland, Grandview735.21 
2Payton Baker, St. Pius X402.67 
3Haley Yount, Northwest201.82 
4Macey Pilliard, Herculaneum231.44 

County players who are among the leaders in multiple categories include:

Congratulations to all thus far!

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