Ever since DeSoto’s Ethan Reissing was a small boy, he dreamed of playing college football. He could imagine himself in a huge stadium, scoring touchdowns and making tackles. He has always loved the game. That’s not to say there weren’t days when the grind of endless practices didn’t want to make him hang up his cleats. When those times occurred, his mother provided the inspiration for him to stick it out. Ethan’s intestinal fortitude is now being rewarded with the opportunity to continue his athletic and academic career at McKendree University.

This past season, Ethan Reissing and his team were presented with several new challenges. Primarily a defensive back and wide receiver, Ethan was called upon by the coaching staff to convert to quarterback. He did his best in the new role while continuing to work hard on defense. That wasn’t the only challenge the Dragons faced, however. They had to navigate through Covid quarantines several times and endured major injuries on route to a hard-fought 2-7 record. Still, Reissing was proud of his hard-luck teammates…

Ethan Reissing (#3), Pictured With Coaches And Teammates

Under center, Ethan Reissing took to his new role, completing 50% of his passes and throwing for 7 touchdowns. He also rushed for 402 yards. His newfound responsibilities at quarterback left little time to play defense. Still, In limited duty, he managed 21 tackles and an interception from his defensive back position. It was his size, speed, leadership, and skill on defense that appealed to college teams. Above all others, McKendree University made the type of commitment that impressed Ethan the most…

Ethan will be patrolling the Bearcats’ secondary with another Jefferson County football player, Jefferson’s Will Schnitzler. The two friends are excited about the chance to play together. Before that occurs, Ethan Reissing would like to thank the people in his life for helping him achieve his dream. In additions to his family, coaches, and friends, his mother gets credit for teaching Ethan the value of commitment…

Indeed, Ethan’s mother was correct. She didn’t raise a quitter… but she did raise a winner.

Senior Day With Ethan’s Parents
Ethan Reissing with Dragons Head Coach Chris Johnson

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