June 2, 2023

Missouri American Legion State Tournament 2022 – A story behind the story…

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By Brian Garner for Live Stream STL media


The best feel good story coming out of the American Legion State playoffs in Sedelia involves a young man I met from the Washington Post 218 team. Reagan Kandlbinder is a 16 year old first baseman who in April was playing outfield for his high school team St. Francis Borgia. He dove for a sinking line drive and suffered a concussion. Follow up testing afterward revealed a large tumor lodged between his nasal cavity in brain. Emergency surgery was performed, a five hour operation was needed followed by 24 hours in the ICU. Immediately a 9 hour surgery was performed by a team of surgeons assembled by Children’s Hospital in St. Louis to ensure the tumor did not attach itself to the brain and shut down his organs and the tumor was removed. Minor complications ensued and three weeks later he was released to return to baseball activities. He participated in basketball camp and mentioned to his parents now how much easier his breathing had become since surgery. He is double rostered on the Washington AA and AAA teams. His AA team won the Missouri State championship and he hit 4 home runs during the AAA Zone Championship. And in the come from behind win versus Festus 253 in the AAA state playoffs two days ago, had a RBI triple to help clinch the victory. You can’t help root for an athlete like Reagan and wish him all the best in the future of his athletic career!

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